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Fortismag is an online database of training information that you can access for free in order for you to accomplish your goals.  We have hundreds of individual workouts, programs, exercises, and nutritional information for you to read and use Redefine Your Body with Fortis
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On the field or court there is no substitute for speed. Fortismag.com has many content items to help you get faster and leave your opponents in the dust.

Sprint Workouts
They aren't fun... until you blow past the competetion next season

Hamstring strength can be a limiting fator in your speed. So, train those hamstrings and reach your full potential.

Use plyometrics to become a more explosive athlete and increase your speed


What is on Fortismag.com?

Weight Training: in the weight training section we have categorized individual workouts as high resistance, low resistance, and a combination of high and low resistance.  High resistance training is performed with an emphasis on creating muscle mass, strength, and power.  These workouts have high weights and low repetitions.  Low resistance training is performed with an emphasis on creating endurance and toning of the muscles.  These workouts have low weights and high repetitions.  The high and low resistance training workouts are simply a combination of high weight/low repetition exercises and low weight/high repetition exercises.  These workouts are performed, generally, with no emphasis on one particular element of training.  Rather, they attempt to build strength, power, endurance, and toning all at the same time. 

Non-weight Training: in the non-weight training section we have plenty of categorized individual workouts in several different ways.  You can search under sprints, martial arts, stretching, calisthenics, and core training.  These workouts and programs usually can be done outside the gym.  They also can be the most effective and safe.  For younger teens and those who are over forty these workouts will minimize stress on the joints.

Sports-Specific Training: in the sports specific training section we have workouts and programs for hockey, basketball, football, and track.  Many of the workouts and programs in these categories can be found elsewhere on fortismag.  There are, however, some training workouts that are specifically designed for one of the sports, and can only be found in the sports specific training section.

Exercises: the exercise section is a database of every exercise that you may find on fortismag.com.  We are constantly trying to find new exercises and techniques to put in the exercise section. 

Nutritional information: in the nutritional information section you will find helpful advice on how to eat right while training.  It is just as important as the workout information that you will find on this website.  Without proper nutrition an athlete will not be able to properly and effectively achieve results from training.  Read this section carefully.

Train Hard. Eat Well. Live.

Fortis Glossary of Weight Training, Strength Training, Exercise Terms

Aerobic: Any exercise or workout that uses oxygen. Aerobic workouts and exercises are less intense and done for a longer period of time.

Anaerobic: Any workout or exercise that does not require oxygen. Anaerobic workouts and exercises are more intense and are done for shorted period of time

Atrophy: A decrease in muscle size as a result of lack of use or exercise.

Barbell: A long bar (about 5 ft) where weight can be loaded on each end. The barbell can be used for a variety of weight training exercises.

Compound Exercise: A strength training movement that requires movement at more than one joint and that works multiple muscles.

Dumbbell: A short bar (about 10 in) with weight attached to either end that is used for weight lifting

Hypertrophy: Growth of muscles caused by exercise

Isolation Exercise: Strength training movement in which one joint moves and one muscle is worked.

Muscle Confusion: Weight Training principle that states for maximum gains you should confuse your muscles by switching up you weight training routine.

Oylimpic Lifting: Weight lifting competitions consisting of the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk

Plateau: When strength gains slow and possibly stop due to a lack of muscle confusion.

Power Lifting: Weight lifting competitions consisting of Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift

Progressive Overload: Weight training principle that states in order to benefit from workouts the intensity of the workout must be gradually increased

Rep (repetition) - Completion of a weight training movement one time

Rest-Pause: A Weight Training technique where one heavy repetition is done with 10-20sec rest between each rep

Routine: Basically your workout or program which includes sets, reps, exercises, and splits

Set: A collection of reps that are preformed with out rest

Sedentary: Physically inactive

Smith Machine: A piece of weight training equipment where the barbell is on a track. This machine allows for the stabilization and isolation of one muscle group.

Splits- Diving up the body’s muscles and training some muscles one day and other muscles another day

Superset- Two or more sets done back to back (often with different exercises) with no rest between the sets.

Volume: Amount of work done – total amount of sets and repetitions.

Fortismag.com is an online database of training information.  Sign-up to get member benefits which include major updates in our workout database, in depth analysis of workouts, and more!

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