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High Resistance
Low Resistance
High/Low Resistance
Spartan Program Overview
Spartan Workout Program Day 1
Spartan Workout Program Day 2
Spartan Workout Program Day 3
Spartan Workout Program Day 4
Spartan Workout Program Day 5
Spartan Workout Program Day 6
Spartan Workout Program Day 7
Spartan Workout Program Day 8
Spartan Workout Program Day 9
Spartan Workout Program Day 10
Spartan Workout Program Day 11
Spartan Workout Program Day 12
Spartan Workout Program Day 13
Spartan Workout Program Day 14
Spartan Workout Program Day 15
Spartan Workout Program Day 16

Martial Arts
Core Training

Hockey Training
Football Training

B Vitamins
Water vs. Fat Soluble Vitamins
Food Review
Carbohydrate Information
General Nutritional Principles
General Nutritional Principles
Blood Sugar Balance

Abdominal Circuit
Core/Cardio Workout
Edgerrin James Ab Workout
Gladiator Core Program Day 1
Gladiator Core Program Day 2
Gladiator Core Program Day 3
Gladiator Core Program Day 4
Gladiator Core Program Day 5
Gladiator Core Program Day 6
Gladiator Core Program Day 7
Gladiator Core Program Day 8
Gladiator Core Program Day 9

C-Sets (Upper Body)
Weights With Calisthenics
Gladiator Leg Program Day 1
Gladiator Leg Program Day 2
Gladiator Leg Program Day 3
Gladiator Leg Program Day 4
Gladiator Leg Program Day 5
Gladiator Leg Program Day 6
Gladiator Leg Program Day 7
Gladiator Leg Program Day 8
Gladiator Leg Program Day 9
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 1
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 2
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 3
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 4
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 5
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 6
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 7
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 8
Gladiator Upper Body Program Day 9
Fortitude Training Program Overview
Fortitude Training Program 1
Fortitude Training Program 2
Fortitude Training Program 3
Fortitude Training Program 4
Fortitude Training Program 5
Fortitude Training Program 6
Fortitude Training Program 7
Fortitude Training Program 8
Fortitude Training Program 9

Plyometric Workout 1
Plyometric Workout 2
Agility Jump Rope Workout
Back Extensions
Bench Press
Bent Over Row
Body Lifts
Butterfly Kicks
Calf Raises
Clean, Squat, and Press (with bar)
Clean, Squat, and Press (with dumbbells)
Dead Lift
Floor Wipers
Hamstring Hold
Hip Flexor Hold
Military Press
Oblique Twists
One-legged Squat
Push ups (Regular)
Push ups (Wide Grip)
Push ups (Triangle)
Push ups (Row)
Push ups (T's, Twist Up)
Reverse Sit-ups
Shoulder Raises
Standing Press
Squat and Press
Toe Touches
Turkish Get-up
Wall Sit
Walking Lunges
Wood Chop

Push Workout
Pull Workout
Strength/Cardio Workout
Billy Banks Strength
Simple Strength 1
Full Body Traditional
Muscle Gain Program Overview
Muscle Gain Program Day 1
Muscle Gain Program Day 2
Muscle Gain Program Day 3
Muscle Gain Program Day 4
Muscle Gain Program Day 5
Muscle Gain Program Day 6
Muscle Gain Program Day 7
Muscle Gain Program Day 8
Muscle Gain Program Day 9
Muscle Gain Program Day 10
Muscle Gain Program Day 11
Muscle Gain Program Day 12

Aerobic Capacity Test
Power 500's
Short Sprint 1
Short Sprint 2
Short Sprint 3
Short Sprint 4
Short Sprint 5
Long Sprint 1
Long Sprint 2
Long Sprint 3
Long Sprint 4
Sprint/Running Conditioning

Cardio Training For Boxing
Punching Pyramids
Increase Your Punching Power
Chuck Liddell Workout

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