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Workout Principles
Before you look at all the workouts that we have on our website we recommend that you read the following. It will provide you with valuable information that will assist you in your training.

1. When the repetitions increase, the amount of weight lifted is decreased.

2. When the repetitions decrease, the amount of weight lifted is increased.

3. Variation is the key. We believe that you can improve constantly by doing a similar weight lifting program, however, your results will be nothing compared to a program that incorporates different workouts, exercises, repetitions, and rest-to-work ratios.

4. Stretch before and after each workout. This will help your body stay in balance and keep your muscle building more balanced.

5. Warm-up well before each workout. This will prevent injury and will help you perform better during the workout.

6. Use weight lifting workouts as well as non-weight lifting workouts in your training regime. Push-ups, pull-ups, and other calisthenic exercises will help you build a body that has muscle evenly distributed throughout the entire body. That is, your legs will not get too strong because pull-ups and push-ups will increase upper body strength. Also, sit-ups and other non-weight core exercises will help make your entire body strong, not just one section of it.

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