Spartan Workout Program

Day 1





Total amount of repetitions: 300
Objective of Workout: To finish in the least amount of time as is possible.


25 Pull Ups

50 Dead Lifts at 135 pounds (put this at an appropriate weight)

50 Push Ups

50 Box Jumps with 24 inch box

50 Floor Wipers  (the Spartan actors used 135 pounds)

50 Clean and Press

25 Pull Ups


Record the time it takes you to complete this workout.  You will compare that time to the time it takes you to complete this workout at the end of the program. 


When you do this workout make sure that you don't do too much at one time.  Most people can't do 25 pull-ups at once, so know your limit.  If you max is 15 pull-ups then you might want to try doing a two sets of 10, and one set of 5.  You probably will be able to do the pull-ups faster that way.  Although, it all depends on your ability to recover.


Have all the exercises and weights ready before you do this workout.  You are not going to want to put the weight on the bar to do your clean and press after doing 50 floor wipers.  Plus, you will be slower if you have to put the weights on the exercises. 


REMEMBER: Good form and technique is the first priority in this workout.  Do not cheat by using bad form.