Spartan Workout Program

This workout program is designed to build strength and athleticism.  This workout is unconventional, and its guiding principles come from Gym Jones.  The workout program emphasizes variation, quickness, and unconventional movements.  The goal of the Spartan Workout Program is not to build massive amounts of muscle, rather the objective is to make you gain strength, flexibility, and most of all your overall fitness level.


On day 1 of the program you will do the 300 workout.  It consists of 300 repetitions, and the goal of the workout is to finish all 300 as soon as possible.  On the final day of the program you will do this workout again, and compare your times.  One of the 300 actors did the workout in less than twenty minutes. 


How to get the most out of the Spartan Workout Program:


         Take time off between each day.  Letís say you do Day 1 on Monday.  Day 2 should not be done until Wednesday.  Between Day 1 and Day 2 we would recommend that you run, bike, or do yoga.  You will most likely be sore the day after working out so light exercise the next day will be very important in helping your body heal.

         You should do 2-3 workouts per week.  Most weeks you should be doing 3 workouts.     

         DO it with a partner.  This workout program is intense, and in order to benefit fully from it you are going to need to be pushed.  Having a partner will help you.

         Stick to the rest and repetition ratio given for every workout.  That is, if the rest between sets is minimal than rest as little as possible.  If the workout calls for recovery rest, then you need to take a longer time to rest.  If the repetitions for a given exercise are 12, then complete all 12 repetitions.  Do not use more weight and get 10 repetitions just to look cool in the weight room.

         Be in decent shape right now.  If you are overweight or not in pretty good shape already this workout will probably hurt you.  You wonít be able to recover in between workouts and consequently will not gain the cardiovascular benefits of this program.